• DPL Nitrile Chemical glove

    • Product description

      The heavy duty Nitrile gloves provide excellent wet and dry grip
      The ergonomic design of finger and palm provides a strong grip
      Gloves flexibility and elasticity can let you move free when you wear it for a long time
      Used for Automotive,Furniture Renovation,Chemical Industry,Household Cleaning,Car Washing,Mechanical Maintenance,Yard Work,Aquarium,Lab,Agriculture,etc

      Material: Natural latex
      Color: Black
      Size: Extra-Large
      Lengths: 14″-35cm,18″-45cm,22″-55cm

      Key features
      1、Natural latex has excellent mechanical properties for long-lasting chemical protection
      2、Easy to pull on or off because the surface has been chemically treated and no uncomfortable feeling
      3、Effectively resist strong acid, alkali which tested for quality assurance
      4、Longer service life and good impact protection
      5、Different length provide a great forearm protection

      Multiple uses
      Yard Work: prevent the aculeate stuff to harming you
      Machine Repair:protect your hand when handling greasy and oily equipment
      Aquarium:to avoid the fish or other aquatic organisms bite your hand
      Chemical Handling:resist acid,alkali,protect your hand when you use chemical
      Maintenance & Cleanup

      Package includes:
      1 x 2 Pairs Nitril gloves

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