• ACE Safety Gumboots With Steel Toe

    ACE Gumboots: Tough and Comfortable
    When your work environment presents various hazards, your safety should be your number 1 priority. These hazards include heavy machinery, high temperatures, harsh chemicals, and more. This is where Ace Gumboots come in. They offer maximum protection on your feet when you’re on the job. These versatile gumboots feature a sleek design combined with top-notch features, enabling you to take on various work environments.

    Steel Toe Cap
    These gumboots have a metal plate placed around the toe section to protect your feet from possible squeezing, falling rubble, sharp objects, and more. This is extremely helpful, especially when working in the mining, manufacturing, or construction industries.

    Cleated Outsole
    These Gumboots features a cleated rubber outsole to ensure maximum grip on slippery surfaces and all other types of terrain you may be working on. This protects you from slips and fall accidents.

    The Ace Gumboots features a rigid, premium-quality leather sole that is water-resistant for the ultimate outdoor performance. Also, the waterproof feature guarantees durability for years to come. You can finally work comfortably in wet conditions.

    Prevent Fatigue

    Ace Gumboots are breathable to prevent overheating and feature a cushioned interior for maximum comfort. The gumboots are also designed to evenly distribute weight to help you avoid any fatigue.
    Ace Gumboots Are Just What You Need for a Hard Day’s Work

    Specifically designed to tackle harsh environments, our safety Gumboots with steel toe are both tough and comfortable to help you maximize your workforce, whether working on a muddy morning on the sidelines or an afternoon out in the garden. They’re suitable for all working environments, including health, manufacturing, mining, and other industries..

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